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Richard N. Haass

New York – One day, historians will have their hands full debating the causes of the chaos now overtaking much of the Middle East. To what extent, they will ask, was it the inevitable result of deep flaws common to many of the region’s societies and political systems, and to what extent did it stem from what outside countries chose to do (or not to do)?

Ascent Rift Valley Fund is a new private equity investor in East Africa. Ascent, which manages the Ascent Rift Valley Fund, announced in July 2014 its first US$50million to be invested in growth enterprises in East Africa. The fund will make investments in 10-12 companies in three east African nations: Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. On Thursday Jan. 22nd, Ascent announced the opening of its Addis Abeba advisory office. Following the announcement, Addis Standard interviewed Michael M. Selassie, Principal and Country Director, and Guy Brennan, Ascent Partner, on how the fund intends to operate in Ethiopia. Excerpts: