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Kiya Tsegaye

One of the many things globalization is credited for is that it has “considerably weakened traditional governance processes,” according to Professor Charnovitz Steve, a well-known writer on non-state actors in governance. “Increasing global economic integration has reduced the power of national governments while granting other economic and political actors access to the world stage,” Charbovitz wrote.

Recently Lonely Planate named Addis Ababa as one of the world’s ten best cities to visit in 2013. It did so for the city’s culture, food, and value for money. But customer handling in most places where the best food and culture is available is niggling

 Emnet Assefa

Being home to the African Union Commission (AUC), The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), more than a hundred embassies and diplomatic missions, as well as a growing number of multilateral companies means Addis Ababa in particular and Ethiopia in general has seen its share of hotels and resorts, cafés, restaurants, and tour and travel agencies, among other service delivery sectors, triple in the past one decade alone. Not only has the number tripled, each and every service delivery sector has seen their income increase significantly thanks to Ethiopia’s  opportunities to host so many international conferences, meetings and events every year.