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Bernard-Henri Lévy

Baghdad – Europe’s migration debate has taken a disturbing turn.

It began with the creation of the catch-all concept (a legal freak) of a “migrant,” which obscures the difference, central to the law, between economic and political migration, between people escaping poverty and those driven from their homes by war. Unlike economic migrants, those fleeing oppression, terror, and massacre have an inalienable right to asylum, which entails an unconditional obligation by the international community to provide shelter.

A young, upcoming author tackles Ethiopia’s old, foreboding myth on the skin color dark


Mahlet Fasil

The title story in Hiwot Emishaw’s enjoyable first collection of essays and short stories, Baricho, muses on a subject that is far less common in discussions amongst Ethiopians than it is in actuality: the power of skin color tones over our sociological and psychological makeup.