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Tarikua Getachew, for Addis Standard (@tarikawipeace)
No other visit to anywhere from sitting presidents, US or otherwise, has caused as much of a stir as Obama’s upcoming visit to Africa. From human rights organisations to individual letters his third visit to Africa, and in particular his Addis Ababa, stop has received both praise and vilification.

But while most have rather focused on advising whether he should go or how his going will be interpreted or even what he should say if he does go, I have not come across anyone asking what kind of man is returning to Africa.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it has helped 3,478 vulnerable Ethiopian migrants stranded by the conflict in Yemen, including 229 medical cases, to return home. Of these, 1,429 were evacuated by IOM from Yemen to Ethiopia. “The remainder were assisted on arrival in Ethiopia at IOM’s Addis Abeba Transit Centre, which provided accommodation, food and onward transportation,” IOM said, adding most of the migrants were stranded in Yemen en route to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mehari Taddele Maru

The 25th AU Summit in South Africa began with fanfare and ended with news worthy legal debacle of high political nature. The controversy started when a court in Pretoria, unlike in many African states where President Omar al Bashir visited, issued a provisional order preventing al Bashir from leaving South Africa until it decides on ICC’s request for an arrest of the president. Now, Bashir is in his Khartoum Palace; ANC is as usual in political and legal controversy; the Darfuri victims are still left without redress, and ICC is crying of fault by its state parties. But, why?