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“Identity is a matter of setting up similarities and differences between people” 

Taye Negussie (PHD)

Since the end of the Cold War, we have been witnessing a resurgence of a ‘radical’ identity politics–a political passion which aims to create a social order supposedly under a single, ‘master’  identity to an effective exclusion of many more other worthwhile forms of social identities.


Ghana’s late president John Atta Mills may be criticized for being soft on corruption, but he will be remembered for leaving a stable nation behind

 Yordanos Goushe

Thousands of Ghanaians paid their last respect on Friday August 10th during the state funeral for the late president John Atta Mills. As a sign of closeness and respect to the late President most of them wore the traditional red and black mourning rag. Mills was widely credited for helping to transform his nation into one of Africa’s finest democracies but he is criticized for tolerating corruption and mismanagement of public money by members of his inner circle.

The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi never managed to mend his embattled relations with many Ethiopian Diaspora

Alem C.


On May 28th 1991, following the control by members of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) of Ethiopia, millions of Ethiopians in and outside of the country rejoiced in unison. After 17 years of civil war that killed thousands of Ethiopians and forced hundreds of women to become single mothers, there was no better news for everyone than the architect of the sheer terror Ethiopians had to endure for 17 years was finally down.