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Tomas Mega from Las Vegas, Nevada




Forty two years ago, Vice President Spiro Agnew used the phrase “Nattering nabobs of negativism” to describe his view of the American media.  In the final days of this election year, the notorious nabobs are still at it, but they are not the media.  They are the candidates, and their Super Pac financial supporters who have spent countless millions on political attack ads.

A fairly realistic assessment of the legacies of a departing statesman ought to analytically disaggregate individual and public personalities of the departed

Taye Negussie (PhD)


Following the untimely death of the late Ethiopian prime minster Meles Zenawi, debate has been raging on the legacy of his statesmanship as one of the most influential leaders in recent Ethiopian history who left his notable mark in the configuring of the current Ethiopian state.
The overwhelming views in the ongoing debates mainly focus on his presumed personal and leadership qualities; the performance of the economy; the relative standing of the country in the international forum, and the track record of the government in the arena of democracy during his tenure as head of government.


A difference made in preserving and protecting the past

Rose Mestika



Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is rich in different ways.  Each city in the country hosts a mixture of history that is known and unknown by its own people and has nine unique sites registered by the UNESCO.
Poland, in Eastern Europe, has 10 sites registered by the UNESCO. Ethiopia and Poland share a similarity (almost) of having nine and 10 world heritage sites registered by the UNESCO respectively but have a titanic difference in knowing and handling their own history and culture.