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The Federal Constitution of Ethiopia recognizes the protection of intellectual property rights, but no one believe it works 

 Kiya Tsegaye

The idea of enacting a copyright law was first developed to encourage creativity and further grew on that sole purpose and protecting companies’ and individuals’ right to ownership.  Such protections of copyright is expressed by giving the author or the owner of copyrightable works the exclusive right of reproduction, sale, rent, transfer, and other communication of the work to the public.

Bad governance is an equal sharing of misery.” –Shiv Khera

 Taye Negussie(PHD)

Too often, oppressors in unjust, repressive, unaccountable and undemocratic governance systems seem to be trapped in a mental delusion that they would gain at the expense of the oppressed. This is a gross misconception since the very act of dehumanizing a fellow human being necessarily entails the robbing of humanity both from the oppressors as well as the oppressed. Generally speaking, an oppressive social system is an all-loosing game where no one would stand to gain. A telling example for the final fate of an oppressive system would be the current on-going civil war ravaging almost all the Syrian people indiscriminately.